Here is a list of preschools,montessori schools and daycare centres I managed to find in the following areas:

Sarjapur road/ORR/HSR layout/Koramangala

  1. Kara 4 kids (HSR Layout)
  2. VIBGYOR Kids (Marathahalli/Bannerghatta road)
  3. LYL genesis(near Staar/Spatica Hospital HSR layout)
  4. Sparrows(opp HSR BDA Complex)
  5. Podar happy kids(Sarjapur road -near Total mall)
  6. Vidyarambh(Sarjapur road near bellandur junction)
  7. ViVaa international(jakkasandra junction)
  8. India International daycare(outer ring road near Sarjapur road junction )
  9. Shemrock Tinkerbells(inside Suncity apartments, outer ring road)
  10. Your Kids R Our Kids(near jayadeva flyover, bannerghatta road)-new centre open now on Inner ring road,Koramangala
  11. DRS kids (Sobha Quartz,ORR,Bellandur)
  12. Srishti Montessori House of Children (Sarjapur road,near Wipro corporate office)
  13. Prakriya school (Sarjapur road, near Wipro office)
  14. Euro Kids (Sarjapur road)
  15. Gear International (Sarjapur road)
  16. Headstart Montessori (Koramangala)
  17. Little Feat Montessori (Koramangala)
  18. Cherubs Montessori (HSR layout-behind Mantri Sarovar)

A mini-coverage of the above is available in the form of an excel sheet.

Another list of schools in the Marathahalli area is available here.

It is not exhaustive, but I hope it will be useful.

The list is in random order with the reviews attached giving a clearer picture. Most of the reviews below are either my personal opinion or what I found online at other blogs/discussion forums and may be a bit biased(either for/against the school).So please make any decision only on the following criteria and in the given order of preference:

  1. Personal visit to the school/meeting the school authorities
  2. Comparing schools based on: facilities/fees/proximity to home or work/curriculum/ if daycare is attached (only applicable for working parents)
  3. Getting feedback from other parents who send their kids to the same school

I have only visited four of them so far, but have done reading-up on most of the others.

*Fees and facilities mentioned here are as of October 2008.For updated info, please contact the schools directly.

Kara 4 kids: (HSR layout) -Review by self

I went on a visit to the school with a friend of mine who sends her son there.

Thumbs-up points:

  • By and large I have heard good things about Kara. They have a separate section for toddlers and another one for the preschoolers. They also have a separate section for daycare.
  • They are pretty much the only ones in this area who use the montessori method as well as provide daycare. The others are the preschool-cum-daycare variety.
  • Good variety of activities inside the facility
  • Provision of food(snack is free-lunch costs extra(quite a bit too)
  • Transport van available-again costs extra
  • Separate room for naptime-(best one of all the four schools I saw)

Thumbs-down points:

  • Expensive! They are really only able to cater to the higher-end families, because the tuition fee alone costs 65k(INR) plus a one-time non-refundable deposit of 15k.
  • Transport costs 47k extra p/a
  • Lunch costs 12k extra p/a
  • Their outside play area is limited-they do have a large basement for outdoor activity, but to me, that is still indoors;)

For more details on Kara(the locations/phone numbers/detailed structure), visit their website

(* The school has very good features and since it was the first one I saw, I could gauge and compare the other schools based on these standards. Two reasons I rejected it were fees and location)

Vidyarambh Preschool and Daycare centre- (Sarjapur road,Opposite Purva Sunshine)-Review by self

Been here on a personal visit with my mother and my daughter, after locating the school online and talking to the lady-in-charge over the telephone. Overall, a good experience.

Thumbs-up points:

  • Location-very convenient-close to hubby’s office
  • Transport available-nominal charge of Rs.700 per month for pick up + drop (can opt for one-way transport too)
  • They have differential pricing for admission-depending on which month you enroll the child.Very cost-effective model-reasonable fees(2500 to 2800 per month)
  • Tie-up with Wipro-so they charge a reduced rate for the daycare facility if the child’s parent is a Wipro-ite.
  • Decent variety of activities inside the complex
  • Teacher-student ratio is 1:5
  • Minimal furniture to encourage free movement
  • Toilet training done for toddlers(big thumbs-up!)
  • First-aid available onsite;doctor available on call
  • Reasonable fees: 28k for the year(preschool)

Thumbs-down points:

  • Rooms for activity are a bit small,compared to Kara; and with 20 energetic kids, one needs room to move about.
  • Outside play area is almost the same size as Kara-rather limited
  • Washrooms were so-so; not as clean as I would have liked, considering Gy is in the middle of potty training.
  • Daycare being across the road and not in the same facility.

For more on Vidyarambh, their curriculum,their methods,visit them on the web.

(* Was almost decided on this place before we saw Podar Happy Kids. On the whole, a good place to consider)

EuroKids (Kasavanahalli,Off Sarjapur road)-Review by self

This was the third on the list of schools that we saw. Not for nothing are they popular.The environs,the school’s interiors, the person-in-charge were all very positive.Hubby and I liked the place as did Gy.

Thumbs-up points:

  • Established school with positive reviews from all over
  • Location close to hubby’s office
  • Transport available-500/= for drop/pickup
  • Largest variety of activity rooms we saw(includes Euro gym/Euro library)
  • Large rooms(twice as big as Vidyarambh)
  • Teacher-student ratio is 1:8
  • Minimal furniture
  • Toilet training is done
  • First-aid available
  • Reasonable fees: 29k(preschool/nursery)

Thumbs-down points:

  • No daycare facility(school only from 8.45 to 11.15 OR 11.15 to 1.45)
  • Rather interior location-a km from the main road

Deatils on locations, their online tour of a school are all available at their site.

(*A very good experience, but had to shelve it because they do not have daycare.)

Podar Happy kids (Sarjapur road,next to TOTAL mall)- Review by self

Hubby and I visited the place with Gy in tow. Pretty much the best one we saw.The lady-in-charge (Ms.B) was extremely helpful, patient in answering queries, showing us the entire facility and clarifying all our doubts.

The school is a part of the Podar education trust which is headquartered in Mumbai and has franchisees across four states in India. Their preschool chain is called Podar Jumbo kids. The Happy Kids is a combo of the preschool and daycare facility.

Thumbs-up points:

  • Location convenient-midway between home and hubby’s office
  • Large facility, with garden area,play area (slides/swings/splash pool etc)
  • Rooms inside are pretty big( 3 times bigger than Vidyarambh’s rooms)
  • The curriculum sounds innovative and different from other schools (New Zealand’s Te-Whariki)
  • Teacher-student ratio is 1:5(there is also an assistant to the teacher for the 5 kids)
  • Transport available (for 2 to 3 km radius, the charge is 300 p/m for both pick-up & drop)
  • Minimal furniture-foldaway tables for meals
  • Home-cooked meals available in facility (only for daycare students;preschoolers carry their own snack/water)-The Centre Head is a dietician/nutritonist by profession and supervises the menu for the children personally.Menu changes every day.
  • First-aid available onsite;doctor available on call
  • Toilet training done for toddlers(big thumbs-up!)-Washrooms rather clean
  • Reasonably priced fee structure:
  1. Preschool- 28k for the year (9.30am to 12 pm)
  2. Preschool +Daycare -around 55k for the year(8.30 am to 7 pm)

(The only school we saw that did not charge a fee for taking an application form)

Thumbs-down points:

  • Classrooms double up as naptime rooms-usually not a problem, since preschoolers are gone by 12pm and naptime starts after 1.30; may be a problem for younger kids who stay the whole day

(* Hubby and I decided that this was the best place of the four we had seen and will start sending Gy here from January 2009.)

VIBGYOR Kids: (Bannerghatta road & Marathahalli)- Review by another blogger

A very good review of the school can be found on this blog. The school’s website is listed here.

Eurokids (not the one on Sarjapur road)- Review by other blogger

The feedback in detail is rather good, but check if you can get a review of the branch that you are looking at.

  1. LYL genesis
  2. Sparrows
  3. Podar happy kids
  4. Vidyarambh
  5. Vivaa international
  6. India International daycare
  7. Shemrock Tinkerbells
  8. Your Kids are our Kids

Reviews for the above 8 schools are available at this other blog.

Little Feat Montessori (Koramangala) -Review by parent on

Seems to have a good opinion rating on the whole.Detailed feedback on mouthshut.

Have been unable to find reviews/feedback for the other schools I have listed above.If anyone has any feedback on those, please post them here via comments, so that more parents can benefit.

*DISCLAIMER: Please note.The reviews and opinions expressed here are purely those of the author. They do not represent any of the schools or other bloggers mentioned herein.Kindly make a personal visit to the schools to draw your own judgements, and do not rely solely on the views given here.