Quality over everything else

Quality over everything else

I loved spending quality time with my grandparents. I only interacted briefly with my great-grandparents, since they were in another city.

In that respect, I feel grateful that Gy gets to spend time and learn from her great-grandmother.

Living in the same city, we try and visit her every two weeks or so. Once the vacation comes around, we try and spend a few weeks at a stretch. In this time, Gy revels in helping with the  things that her Thaathi does: washing her own clothes, putting them to dry, walking in the garden, feeding the stray cats that come home every evening, praying, playing card games and folding clothes and putting  them away.

She gets a simple satisfaction when she manages to do all of this and the quality of the time spent truly warms my heart. While the rest of us may not realise the inherent value of these little mundane tasks, Gy is soaking and imbibing the goodness that is her great-grandmother.

We have more to be thankful for than we can imagine.

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Written for the A to Z 2014 Challenge

Q is for quality 

My theme for the month is : Introspection in shades of 11

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0 thoughts on “Quality over everything else

  1. Indeed your daughter is learning a lot. I miss my granny more after looking at this pic. We used to have girl to girl talks, listening to the stories of her-young-days, and her teachings. She was a very pious and selfless lady! Wish she was with us and I could get a picture with her 🙂 Quality take on Q

  2. My children's great grandmother lived to be 105 and sharp as a tack and mobile the whole time! They were blessed to be able to visit and g!
    et to know her for their whole childhood. Now we have a grandson who is able to know his great grandmother, too. I knew my own great grandmother until I was about 11. There is nothing like the connection between these vast age differences!
    Donna Smith
    The A-to-Z Challenge
    Mainely Write

  3. Ref your not only mom, I play granny role twice for kids as they don hv a granny. I was half lucky had one granny…but promise they r angels…

  4. I have had my grandparents with me for almost 25 of my 29 years, and I've found every single moment with them lively, enlightening and sweet. Now that they are no more, I try to imagine what they would've done in a particular situation, and that gives me a way to decide my course of action. I miss them, but I'm grateful for the love that I received from them.
    Happy for Gy, she's able to get all the wisdom and love in the world from the family 🙂
    P.S : Love the 'thaathi' term. I used it for my 'thaathi', and I haven't seen many using that. Paatti is a little more common, at least in my hus's family !!

  5. Quality time is what great memories are made of. I was blessed to have my grandparents for a long time. Unfortunately my kids have never known their grandparents…which is sad. ♥

  6. With today's fast-paced life, many kids get hardly any time to spend with their parents. Gy is lucky!
    At the same time, Gy's great-grandmother is lucky that she can spend time with her great-granddaughter. I'm sure these interactions make her feel younger at heart.

  7. i love my maternal grand parents a lot 🙂 its a pleasure to visit them every holidays.. time flies by so soon having fun there 🙂 my grandpa loves to play chess n its very difficult to beat him 🙂 n my whole tym is spent trying!

  8. Heart warming post Shailaja 🙂 lovely pic too. So true the simple tasks performed by the elderly at their own pace and sweet acceptance do wonders for the little ones. My little daughter gets to spend time in the summer hols with my mum doing various things with her and wordlessly their is so much exchanged and absorbed.

  9. Your daughter is very lucky to have her great grand mother around. I was lucky I grew up with my grandmother and I'm so grateful that my children also grew up with their grandparents. children learn so much from those interactions. Lovely post.

  10. “Grandchildren are the jewels of life”- my grandmother used to say.. I am so moved to see the bond between grandparents and grandchildren – as for my own kids.. And just “hang out” – doing the everyday things… is often the most cherished moments. Lovely post, and very cute picture:-)

  11. I used to have a wonderful time with my grandmother, she was a fiercely independent lady. We learnt a lot from her and miss her, my kids are lucky to have both their grandmothers to pamper them. Lovely post.

  12. You are very blessed to have had these relationships. I did not know my grand parents as they were already gone when I was born and the same for my children as my parents died many years before they were born. I know the value of these relationships and envy those who have had them

    Thank you for a lovely post

    Carol @ Battered Hope

  13. This was a lovely post Shailaja! And I know what you mean… I am so grateful that my maternal grandparents are with me, healthy and happy. There are so many things to learn from them and whenever I am with them I love to soak up in their love and knowledge. God bless Gy, she indeed is blessed! Hugs

  14. Gy is indeed lucky and truly blessed to spend time with her great grandmother. There's so much to learn from grand parents and to bask in their love and warmth is truly priceless! 🙂

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