Relish the Moment- #MicroblogMondays

Relish the Moment- #MicroblogMondays

Mr. Mundane and I, quite often on this page, have crossed paths with gratitude and warmth.

Remember how Urgency and Importance don’t mean the same thing,or why letting the laundry pile up on some days is the best thing possible and what about the last time you did something that you loved?

Yes, the common thread in it all is the idea that relishing this moment, this present moment, comes with a great deal of practice.

This was brought home to me, in a different way, early this morning. Gy has always been a relatively strong child, constitutionally. Today, my strong child fell ill with a severely upset tummy and the protective Mama Bear in me emerged, telling her to stay home and ride out the problem with rest and fluids. To my surprise, she refused as she had an important day at school- one with a full Β rehearsal for an upcoming event- and she put her foot down, saying she MUST go. I was speechless and to be honest, a little annoyed.

Just as I was about to throw a fit, asking her to listen, she put her hand on mine and said, ‘I promise I will call you if I don’t feel well.’

In the next few minutes, she was aboard the bus and I was standing there, wondering when the parent and the child had reversed roles. I even came home and confided in a couple of friends that I was sitting by the phone all morning, biting my nails, hoping that the phone would NOT ring, asking me to dash over to school.

The day ended and she returned. Nothing untoward had happened.

Sometimes, we just need to let go. We gain so much more from that, than in all our illusions of control.

Relish the Moment. It is here for a reason.

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  1. Shailaja, the other day I wrote a post on 'the illusion of control'; it is in my saved post πŸ™‚ I wrote it after my Dad fell and had a skull fracture with a 7cm clotin his head, which if untreated would have led his to lose his memory and speech; he was on a picnic from his office; and this happened. 4 hr surgery and 3 months later he is fine, but that incident just scared the sh*t out of all of us! I am glad, your daughter is strong-willed πŸ™‚ And that she is fine if not better. i really need to 'let go' on most days too…. I just hold on so tight; I scare myslef.

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