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Gratitude in a Tin

Thoughtful Thursday is here again and what better subject to talk about today than the overwhelming deluge of gratitude that has flooded my Facebook wall these last 5 days? And it was all thanks to the Positive Challenge. What’s that, you ask? Well, it’s pretty simple. Last Friday, my very good friend, Vidya Sury, tagged me on Facebook to list three things that I was grateful for on that particular day. She mentioned that it was a 5-day challenge and that…

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Put the fun back in Parenting- Yelling Less: Tip Sheet #4

‘Brush your teeth well. You don’t want to lose your teeth before their time!’ ‘Did you remember to close the tap? What? You DIDN’T?’ ‘Is your room neat? I am NOT picking up any more toys!’Kids are wired differently. But, I’m guessing you know that by now. If you’re a new parent, just stepping into those shoes, believe me, there are challenges ahead.  Trigger: ‘Lack of interest’ in performing tasks   Chores bore children. Yes, no question about it. If…

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