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Honesty begins at home #1000Speak

I’m an honest person.That sounds like such a trite and seemingly weird thing to say about oneself, right? I mean, would you ever actually say that if you were asked to describe yourself at a job interview? No, you’d probably start off with your strengths in your field or the fact that you excelled at something, […]

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100th post-2014: Changes and New Features!

This is the 100th post for the year, 2014. Isn’t that something?  Source To celebrate, I am announcing a few changes to the blog, starting this June.With the winds of evolution come the feelings of hope, positive thinking and moving forward. It has been almost 7 years since I set foot in the blogging world. […]

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Yelling less

This one will come as no surprise to regular readers of my blog. ‘Y’ is for Yelling less. There are many things for which I am grateful in this world and one of those is the day I discovered the ‘Orange Rhino Challenge’ kindly pointed out to me by Aparna. In retrospect,  I wish I […]

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