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I no longer use Smart Bio for my Instagram bio, given how my approach to social media has changed from using it as a traffic generator to using it as a way to connect deeply with my audience.

As bloggers and small business owners who use Instagram, you’d know by now that one of the most sought-after features is a way to add multiple links in your bio.

In fact, I wrote about using this alternative to a popular linking tool back in February this year: How to Drive Instagram Traffic to your blog for free

I’d been pretty happy with that option for the last 9 months when it came to traffic from Instagram, actually. Most of my engaged followers live on Instagram (well, not literally live there, obviously). But it is a great place to find readers for my blog.

However, there were a couple of features I missed having access to, especially since I don’t have 10,000 followers or the swipe-up feature on this platform.

Then, earlier this month, I got beta access to a very fascinating tool released by one of my favourite scheduling apps, Tailwind!

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It’s called Smart.Bio for Instagram by Tailwind and today, I’m going to talk about why you should consider using it for your Instagram link in bio.


If you’re familiar with either Linktr.ee or my own custom landing page that I created for Instagram, you’d know what this feature does.

Since Instagram by default only allows for one place where you can add a clickable link, many of us like to use a space where we can add multiple custom links to different pages on our blog or business website.

Smart.bio allows for this by letting you add multiple custom links on the same page.

As a blogger, here are some of the things you can do with the custom button links on Smart.bio:

A) Direct people to sign up for your newsletter

B) Send them to a course page

C) Get them to join your Facebook group

D) Nudge them to follow you on other social media channels

You can customise the buttons

Here’s a cool feature and while you’d have to pay for this feature on other tools, on Smart.bio it’s completely free!

As a blogger, you may know the importance of brand colours.

They help you stand out in the crowd, build brand value and recall and on a platform like Instagram, they help with creating a cohesive look for your profile.

Well, Smart.Bio allows you to change the colour of those buttons with one simple click.

Head over to ‘Customise Page’ under your Smart.Bio section

Click on ‘Button Colour’ to change it to one of your brand colours.

That’s it. You’re done!

This may be the ONE reason that I’ve decided to switch over from my custom landing page to Smart.Bio and with good reason too! 😀

Okay, so I use Instagram primarily for engagement with my readers and converting them into e-mail subscribers for my newsletter.

In terms of blog traffic, Instagram is okay-ish, but that’s also because that single link in the Instagram bio has to be changed constantly and updated every time you publish a new post, right?

Here’s the beauty of Smart.bio.

You can now add a specific link to every blog post that you publish to a post on your Instagram feed! See a snapshot of mine below:

Here’s the EVEN better news: You can do it retroactively. That means you can go back and update posts on your Instagram grid with direct links to your blog posts.

If you use Tailwind for scheduling your Instagram posts, you’re in luck.

You can now directly add the link to your blog posts inside the Tailwind scheduler.

That way, when the post is published on the grid, your Smart.bio automatically {or magically 😉 } updates the clickable custom link in your smart.bio!

That’s just amazing!

Ah, of course, I LOVE anything to do with insights and analytics, as you may know if you’ve been following my blog for a while now.

Smart.Bio gives you direct insights into how many people are clicking on those links and sending traffic to your blog.

While it’s only been a week or so since I’ve started using it, I dug into my Google Analytics and learnt that people are actually clicking on those blog post links that I’ve added. So, you know this works.

I’ll update this post with Smart.Bio analytics once I’ve got some more data.

Well , that happened sooner than I’d expected.

Within an hour of publishing this post, here’s what my Smart.Bio analytics look like:

Total Smart.Bio Visits: 28

Total Link Clicks: 10

Click through rate: 35% ! That’s pretty sweet 🙂

3 Days after I published this post, I shared a new post on Instagram and you want to see the new click-through rate? Check out the image below!

That click-through rate just went up to 50%! 😀

A month later (image below), it’s climbed to 57%. There’s no reason to not have this tool on your Instagram profile. Take it from me!

Smart Bio Tool for Instagram. The Easy Link in Bio Option for your Instagram account

Don’t wait! Sign up for your own free Smart.Bio link today.

Just follow the instructions on the screen to set it up.

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