Do you use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog? You should, by the way.

It’s one of the easiest ways to get organic, search engine traffic and doesn’t rely on social media shares.

But, if you’ve started using Pinterest any time in 2020, you’d learn that the platform rolled out a ton of changes recently.

One of them was that Pinterest would emphasise the creation of fresh Pins over everything else.

That means, we need to be creating fresh content on a regular basis in order to see any traction from the platform.

Naturally, this threw many content creators for a loop. Fresh pins everyday would mean spending a lot of time creating new content! Who had the bandwidth or the time to do this day in and day out?

Enter Tailwind Create.

Now, in case you’re not familiar with Tailwind, you should start by reading this post of mine where I explain how Tailwind has helped transform my Pinterest activity and traffic.

Then, follow it up with this popular post on how Tailwind and their Smart Bio has helped generate organic leads from Instagram.

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Why Tailwind Create is the Best Tool for Pin Designs

Last week I got early access to Tailwind Create and I have to say that I am absolutely in awe of how Tailwind has pulled off something this incredible and kept content creators in mind.

What are the two major challenges you face as a person who has to create pins for Pinterest?

  1. Making multiple Pin images, because Pinterest wants to see fresh ideas
  2. Creating different designs because Pinterest wants variety

Well, you’re in luck, because that’s exactly what Tailwind Create does!

You know all those design tools that you’re using and love? I use a few of them and let me tell you, I do love them.

But Tailwind Create takes the guesswork out of templates, designs, fonts and colour combinations.

They do everything for you with a few quick clicks of a button.

Let me show you exactly how to use this tool to transform your Pinterest game. Ready?

How to access Tailwind Create

  1. Sign up for a Tailwind Account here.

Get Started with Tailwind Create

Step 1: Start Creating Pin images

Select the Paintbrush icon on the left of your Tailwind screen or the ‘Create new images’ button on the top of your publisher dashboard

Step 2: Set your preferences

Now, set your colour palette, upload an icon/logo you’d like to use and set your fonts & colours.

This will be your set of brand colours and fonts. Don’t worry. They aren’t set in stone; you’re allowed to change them later on.

Step 3: Pick the URL for your Pin Creation

Enter the URL of the blog post that you’d like to use for Pin creation.

You’d observe that Tailwind automatically populates the Pin title based on your post’s SEO title. You can change this if you choose. 

The Pin title will be the text overlay that appears on your image. Once again, this can be changed later.

Step 4: Choose your Images

Now, select your images. You have three choices available.

A) You can pick from a range of free photos as shown below. There is a variety of free and pro images that you can use.

Enter a few key words based on the topic of your blog post. Tailwind Create will then auto suggest images based on those key words.

B) You can choose the images from the URL (these will be photos that you have uploaded to your blog post; Exception: If you run ads on your site, Tailwind Create will pull those images as well)

C) You can upload your own photos to Tailwind using the ‘Upload photos’ button

Once you’ve picked your photos, head to the next screen.

Step 5: Choosing Pin Designs

This is where it gets fun and exciting.

We now have a whole range of pre-made templates to choose from and that’s the BEST part of Tailwind Create as far as I am concerned.

Notice that when you click on the left side of this screen, you can see the variety of colour palettes to choose for your design.

When you hover over the following tabs, this is what you see.

A) Content Type:

This will help you choose the kind of article/page the link is. From a blog post to a lead magnet, a recipe to a product, a testimonial to a step by step tutorial, there’s plenty to choose from.

B) Industry/Niche:

This is perfect for people to choose from! Depending on whether your category is Art or Blogging or Food or Fashion or any one of the other popular Pinterest categories, this list is very helpful.

C) Pin Format:

What kind of a post do you want the Pin to direct to? Is it a collage Pin? Perhaps you’d like to include a powerful call to action? Or maybe you want to showcase a product from your store?

The permutations and combinations are outstanding. You’d be hard pressed to find this feature in other design tools.

Step 6: Edit your Image

If you’re familiar with any other image design tool, you’d be able to understand this step rather easily.

Pick the text you want, add a few extra elements of your choosing, move them around the image until you’re satisfied and your Pin is ready for Pinterest.

Step 7: Download or Schedule the Pin

You then have the option of directly downloading the Pin to add to Pinterest manually.

Or you can click ‘schedule’ and it will take you straight to the Tailwind Scheduler to complete your task.

Pricing Details for Tailwind Create

We’re still in beta as far as Tailwind Create is concerned, so pricing will be updated shortly.

The pricing is subject to change after public launch. Additional Tailwind Create functionality will come with an additional price tag.

Until then, you can take the features for a test run.

I’ll be creating a video tutorial for the whole sequence and will update this post when it’s ready.

In the meanwhile, here’s a tutorial from Tailwind themselves 🙂

Sign up for Tailwind now, get access to Tailwind Create and let your imagination run free while you design the most gorgeous Pins ever, with minimal effort.

Tea cup, flowers, a planner and a keyboard on a desk. Tailwind Create and how it can help you design gorgeous pins within minutes

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