“Open wide and say ‘Aah’. This won’t hurt, I promise.”

How many of us have heard those words and shied away from visiting a dentist? Too many of us, I am afraid. Yet, we rarely make the effort to take care of that smile that we proudly flash at friends and strangers alike. It’s probably why we face issues such as root canals, impacted wisdom teeth and dental treatments with some amount of anxiety in our adult years. 

I remember my dreadful fall last March which necessitated an emergency visit to the dentist, a family doctor whom I trusted to do the right thing. Within minutes, he had diagnosed the intensity of the impact on my teeth, done an emergency procedure to reduce the pain and recommended a root canal a week after the incident. I still think of him with gratitude today when I take a bite into a pizza!

It takes a certain amount of comfort with a doctor for us to put ourselves in their hands with complete faith. With kids, it can be even more challenging, especially when it comes to dentists, to get them to let down their guard. Fortunately, dentists for children in Bangalore are now becoming much sought after for their expertise.


One of the first doctors that we encounter are our children’s pediatricians, who go out of their way to assuage our concerns regarding weight gain, physical growth, vaccinations and more. Kids are naturally wary of doctors, what with the idea of  injections and the examining table. My daughter’s pediatrician  was such a lovely person. He would give my daughter her booster shot and then, with all solemnity, give a shot to her doll as well. She would coo to it and pacify the doll after the ‘injection’. If you have a pediatrician with such a comforting bedside manner, your child will look forward to meeting with that doctor regularly.

A dental specialist in Bangalore is now becoming a necessary part of our  address books, since dental care and hygiene are an integral part of children’s growth and something which must not be neglected as they grow older. Finding doctors in Bangalore can be made simpler if you know what it is that you are looking for in a doctor. 

In my daughter’s school, there is an annual health check-up with evaluation of eyesight, height, weight, cardiovascular activity and dental health topping the list. The pediatric dentist who visits the school ensures a thorough review where she checks each child’s teeth for cavities, incoming permanent teeth, their height, the colour and asks pertinent questions about the daily dental regime.

These dentists are particularly skilled in putting children at ease while simultaneously fixing misaligned teeth, setting crooked teeth right, removing plaque, treating dental decay or fitting braces to keep that smile a comfortable one.

One way to ensure that your kids are comfortable in the dentist’s chair is by identifying a dentist for kids in Bangalore, based on reviews, both from online forums and word-of-mouth advice. I usually trust first-person reviews closely followed by a series of good testimonials online. 

 We need to start taking care of that smile or at least get our kids to do it without worry for the years to come. A smile is the first thing you see and the last thing you remember about a person. Let’s make sure it’s a memorable one.