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Today, May 1st, is a strange mixture of emotions.

On the one hand, I am fully pumped and thrilled that I simultaneously have managed to complete two month-long challenges:


(Clicking on the links will take you to my entire set of posts for those challenges)

On the other, there are a series of thoughts that run through my head as I think back on April.

First thing that I feel today is satisfaction. Β That emotion that comes from a job completed and that quiet sense of happiness that I (and so many capable others!) managed to stick it through to the end!

The second emotion is relief! Yes, I am happy that I don’t have to worry about a post a day for some time to come. Although it’s been exhilarating and invigorating, it has also been tiring. This probably means I will take a break from frequent blogging, at least in May.Β 

Next emotion is that of gratitude. A to Z, especially has been a very rewarding experience, in terms of meeting new bloggers and getting to know hidden facets about some seasoned ones πŸ™‚ I have discovered some gems in the blogging world, thanks to this amazing worldwide challenge.Β 

This post would be incomplete if I did not mention the faithful visits and comments by so many of you on my posts!Β 

Although this isn’t exhaustive, here are some regular visitors/ fellow A-Z bloggers who lifted my smile everyday:

Sreeja, Srilakshmi, Psych Babbler,Β Tulika,Β Vidya Sury,Β Swathi, Aditi, Jayanta, Carol, Cat, Beloo, Nabanita, Rajlakshmi, Corinne, Richa, Proactive Indian, Sunila, Eli, Sulekha, PhenoΒ , Kathy, Suzy, Shilpa, Sfurti, Danny, Monica, Ananya, Inderpreet, Gauri, Prasanna, ShaliniΒ and I am sure I have missed mentioning many others!

That feeling of camaraderie lasted all through April and although I haven’t done enough justice to some blogs all this time, I have bookmarked all these lovely blogs and intend to catch up on their posts over the coming months. Let’s face it, we all love comments, whether they pop up immediately or after a hiatus. So, fear not, dear fellow bloggers. If I have omitted your blog, I will make it up to you over time.

This, then, is the air that I breathe today.Β That air is filled with love, happiness, friendship and satisfaction.

My post on How to Survive a Blogging Marathon in six steps is now up too. Do check it out!

❀ Did you participate in either challenge? ❀

What are some of the feelings you have at the end of it all?

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