The harsh rays of the sun beat down on her as she stood on the pavement, watching the steady stream of cars go by. Her worn hands gripped the bowl in one hand and a weak child in the other. The child’s eyes rolled back in its head.

Don’t get attached. Her employer’s voice echoed in her head. 
Just use the kid. Let’s make do with what we get.

Steeling her heart and thinking of her own survival, she trudged towards the cars at the intersection. All the while, her conditional love for the child weighed heavily on her mind.

Photo Copyright: Jorge Royan

Word count:100


This is a combined post written in response to two prompts:

Write Tribe’s Wednesday prompt 2014- 12

The prompts for this Wednesday and Saturday were

“Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without” 

“conditional love”

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