The Importance of being Idle

The Importance of being Idle

To be idle is an art
To do nothing 
To sit still
To savour the moment
To lay claim to quietude 
The adult looks on it as wastage
Of energy
Of resources
Of time
Of money
The child revels in it
In its freedom
In its uniqueness 
In its existence
In its peace
In idle chatter there is love
In idle exchanges there is affection
In idle relaxation there is a nullification
Of the mind
Of logic
Of hurried reasoning 
Give in to the Idler 
She is beautiful
She is non-judgemental
She is important
She is a necessary part of this play on Earth
Written for ABC Wednesday curated by Denise Nesbitt
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I is for Important and Idleness
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0 thoughts on “The Importance of being Idle

  1. Indeed that's true… I was.never good at staying idle… Too hyperactive for my own good 🙂 beautiful write. I specially liked the parts where you have compared the difference with an adult and a kid's point of view

  2. A big hug to the Mother of the girl with the “thalaila thundu” Beautifully written.

    “What is this life if, full of care…we have no time to stand and stare?”

    Blessings to you, Shailaja!

  3. You manage to line up a very peaceful and relaxed atmosphere in your poem:-) I could feel it. Really beautifully put:-) Should be idle more…:-) Thanks for sharing:-)

  4. I think as we grow older it is even more important to savor life's moments. I have found great peace in my time alone. I revel in it. It is when I am in the zone when I am my most creative. ♥

  5. Somebody said it so rightly, work is not always required. There is such a thing as sacred idleness. Oh yes, idleness is sacred and we must indulge in it from time to time! 🙂

  6. I wonder how a kid can sit still, when I see my little P running around. But at times she sits silent and has a dreamy look in her eyes. I wonder if she's enjoying being idle, at that moment 🙂
    A beautiful poem, and a lovely snap 🙂 ,so many valid points to think about !

  7. Love this one — more so because I find it difficult to remain idle. I think we have this belief as you rightly said that to be idle is to waste time/money/energy. I find that I have to keep busy or else I'm not being worthwhile. Plus, for most adults, being busy also means you can escape the problems in your head whereas being idle and mindful might actually involve being in touch with your emotions and your thoughts.

    Loved this!

  8. So true! I love watching kids when they are idling away…and hate to disturb anyone in that state…I believe it is a high state of consciousness and brings out the best in one and it is absolutely essential to do it from time to time!

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