The Inevitable

The Inevitable

Her breath caught in her throat and her eyes welled up. It was happening.

Not tomorrow or next month. Right now. She hadn’t been prepared for it. Nobody had warned her about the possibility.

 She watched as things changed right before her. Baby G took her first few steps forward.

 Her heart sang in joy!

Taking up challenges with a vengeance, methinks 🙂
I was reading these 55-word posts by ObssessiveMom and Monika and decided I would see if I could do it justice. What do you think?

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0 thoughts on “The Inevitable

  1. Aw isn't that just the most amazing moment ever? Our daughter started walking so casually we weren't prepared at all so we waited for our son's turn. He walked a few months later and we managed to get a video. It's just great. Nicely done Shailaja. Thanks for the mention. Limited word writing is so much fun.

  2. You've really captured the feeling with those few words. 🙂

    Considering my love for long winded sentences, it would be a real challenge for me to do 55 word posts like this one. But now you've made me want to try it sometime! 🙂

  3. Blogging and writing are such challenging, yet relaxing activities! I am exploring newer avenues, especially over the past six months or so. You really should give it a try 🙂

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