The power of Kinship

The power of Kinship

Kinship is a strong and powerful thing. It cannot really be explained. Sometimes you just know when you connect with another person.

Of late, I have found that to be true, when I blog. These last 9 months have been extremely enriching from the blogging perspective.

In the age of social networking, when there is a cry that goes around, denouncing the increasing negative effects of social media, I , for one, have drawn great comfort from the blogosphere. It, in no way, is a substitute for personal, face-to-face encounter, but it helps in more ways than you know.

When you want a shoulder to cry on and nobody else is around to hear the sobs, your blogger friend is there for you.

When you want to vent your anger or frustration and don’t want to cause physical damage, that blogger who went through something similar will empathize.

When you are ecstatic, thrilled and overjoyed and want to share it with the world, your close-knit community cheers you on!

When you just want to groan about writer’s block and your family wonders if you have your head screwed on right, your blogging kin will know exactly what you experience!

Yes, I am addicted to blogging and some days, I know I ought to cut back and give it some slack. And I probably will, when it gets too overwhelming. 

Right now, I enjoy the connections that it creates, the bonds that it fosters, the love that it nurtures and the unspoken sense of kinship that can come from others who are in the same boat.

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Written for the A to Z 2014 Challenge

K is for Kinship

My theme for the month is : Introspection in shades of 11

Also linking this to the Ultimate Blog Challenge for April


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0 thoughts on “The power of Kinship

  1. Couldn't agree more, Shailaja. I received tremendous support from blogger friends and it's the best thing that ever happened to me. Looks as if I know my efriends since ages:)

  2. I have been nodding and agreeing with you through this post. Super one, Shailaja and the A-Z has brought every aspect of this to life. Thanks for the post and for introducing me to the A-Z community. 🙂

  3. How come you echo my thoughts everyday? Blogging has been such a happy endeavour for me too. I've made some great friends here who've encouraged me to bring out the best in my writing. Encouraged, bulldozed.. Same thing :-P.

  4. I have made some very good friends – lifelong friends – after first connecting with them online in a serious discussion forum years ago. So I can also vouch for the power of real connection and kinship that can happen through meaningful online interactions. But of course we met several times and still meet whenever possible despite the differences of continents between us. That strengthens the connection deeply. And yet I have also become painfully aware of the “noise” that gets created in my head when I spend too much time online – in discussion forums as was the case earlier, or on blogosphere as is the case now. Maybe that's why I keep my social media exposure somewhat limited. But what I value most about blogging is the push it gives me to become better at what I love to do – writing 🙂 At least for now 🙂

    Beauty Interprets, Expresses, Manifests the Eternal

  5. So true Shailaja, there are so many nuances to an online kinship which make it valuable and if they turn into non-virtual friendships as well then it's 'Sone pe Suhaaga' (roughly to mean icing on the cake, for non-hindi speakers). I have made a few friends like that and when we met for real, for the 1st time it was a strange mix of joy, disbelief of a sense of putting a physical dimension more strongly to the person. Lovely post.

  6. This echoes my thoughts too!! Love my blog buddies. Though, we may not have met in person but we feel more closer and connected with each other than some of our real life friendships. Their messages of support and encouragement, affection and smiles, truly warms our hearts.I am so glad that blogging happened to me!!

  7. Beautiful hymn to friendship and support Shailaja, lovely said:-) I'm with you all the way on this one! I'm so happy to connect with you and all our other like-minded soul friends who share the same passion! It does connect us:-)

  8. Less than a year ago I didn't even know what a blog was and now I do it everyday. Love the challenge, enjoy the boost to write and be creative but most of all am blown away by the 'kinship' the new friends I have made and looking forward to all the new ones I will make in the future

  9. I have made some of the best friends here on blogger. I've found support and encourage. It even helped me get off my butt and write a book. All from inspiring people, here on blogger.

  10. Couldnt agree more !! I am in love with blogging too.. Sometimes I think I am so consumed into it.. But then a few days away from my blog and blogger friends and I get so restless.. !!

  11. Very true. Blogging is a craze which over powers us so much that we cannot keep away from it even for a day. The friends we make is an awesome experience for us.

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