Today, I watched you

Today, I watched you

Today, I watched you
 Today, I watched you
As you lay in slumber
cocooned in the warmth of sleep;
Unfettered by care, worry or stress,
your lips broke into a dreamy smile.
That smile made my tired shoulders lift in love.
Today, I watched you
As you took the stage
Confident, poised and full of grace;
Singing a song with the confidence that
Can only come from the innocence that is childhood.
That song made me shed a few tears of joy.
Today, I watched you
As you spoke of a girl
Who needed to be shielded 
Photo from Pixabay
From the curious eyes of the world;
You described how you and your friends formed a circle
So nobody would see her as she changed her attire.
That action made my heart swell with pride.
Today, I watched you
As you spoke ceaselessly of books
The ones that adorn your shelves, every corner and all the nooks;
You labeled the racks to know which was where
All on orange post-its to display your treasured wares.
That deed made me hug you with love.
Today, I watched you
As I watch you every day
blossom into a young girl
So different from that toddler at play;
The tomorrows are coming too soon for my liking
Just once, just today, can we slow down the clock?
Can I gaze at your cheeky grin, that warm glance 
That tells me how special you are?
Today, I want to watch you
Cuddle by my side
Eating ice-cream, giggling at cartoons, 
Exchanging tickles and kisses by the dozen;
Today, I want you to fall asleep in my arms
And I want to feel the nuzzle, the snuggle and the hugs
as I drift off into sleep’s warm embrace.

– To my Daughter, Gy

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