She did it again. Her teeth clamped down on his arm and sunk all the way in. He grit his teeth and bore the pain.

Not the reaction she was hoping for. So, she changed tracks. She aimed for his neck this time. He shut his eyes and tried to free himself. But, she wasn’t letting go!

Finally, she came around to face him. Her eyes met his. He looked at her and her eyes welled up with tears. He reached out and drew her into a warm embrace. She planted a kiss, of repentance, on his stubbly cheek.

He smiled and hugged his one-year-old, looking at her tiny teeth marks on his arm.


( This post is in response to the prompt, “He grit his teeth and bore the pain“, as part of the Marathon Bloggers group. Although I am not doing the month-long marathon, I was very taken by this prompt and decided to write a post on it 🙂