Toss it off

Toss it off

Everybody likes stories. And if you like the motivational kind, you would have read about the Donkey in the well at some point in your life.
The one idea that stands out for me in that story is the steely grit of the donkey. That and the fact that the donkey tossed off all the dirt that the farmer threw on its back. And, it used the dirt to get out of the hole.

In life, we can choose to be that donkey in the fable. We can choose to toss off insults, hurt, anger, resentment, obstacles and pain. We can choose to step on those failures and rise towards our successes.
This applies to our petty arguments and trifles. It is also relevant to our larger challenges. 
Ultimately, life is a game and how we choose to play it, will determine whether we succumb to the roadblocks or leap over them with  vigour.

Word count: 154

Written for the A to Z 2014 Challenge
T is for Toss
My theme for the month is : Introspection in shades of 11

Also linking this to the Ultimate Blog Challenge for April


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0 thoughts on “Toss it off

  1. Yup! I can be that donkey 🙂 Just not take in the crap – and keep what I want to keep. think it makes a happier everyday life. So well written:-)

  2. Very well said.There are three other things we can learn from donkey
    अविश्रामं वहेद्भारं शीतोष्णं च न विन्दति |
    ससन्तोषस्तथा नित्यं त्रीणि शिक्षेत गर्दभात् ||
    He carries loads without rest, is not deterred by the heat or cold, is always content;
    these three things should be learnt from the donkey

  3. A favourite story, which we learnt long back in those Moral Science classes at school 🙂 But a tough thing to do, in real life, unless we get the hang of it early on. We must choose to do it for our own good. The bad gets tossed off, and we get tossed in with all that is good 😀

  4. Yes, tossing off the dirt, using it to get out of the hole (learning to make new ways) and moving forward alone is the survival mantra. More than thinking, these need to be practiced in life though…

  5. Very few can actually turn the hurdles into a positive note and take it as a lesson learnt in life. How I wish I could make use of the insults cleverly disguised as advises from “concerned” people and throw it back on them 🙂 A wonderful message and much needed 🙂

  6. That's the first time I've heard that story, Shailaja. I like it! For once being a jackass is a good thing! Let's all try to be more like donkeys and toss it off! Oh yeh!

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