Truth hurts

Truth hurts

Tears fell fast and furiously on the sheet of paper under her nose. 
Brushing them away, she peered anxiously at the bottom. The signature and  remarks were curt and biting. 

Lifting her head, she stared at the prim face, seated five rows away. Her tormentor looked back at her sedately for a few seconds.

She wished she knew then what she knew now.

She’d meant it as a harmless joke. One that had backfired!
How was she to know that the new teacher would be so strict when it came to the use of SMS-styled lingo in a Literary essay?

Word count:100


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0 thoughts on “Truth hurts

  1. Loved it, Shailaja. I not sure what SMS style lingo is but it was clear the teacher didn't think it was funny. You really captured the emotion of that poor frazzled student and the coldness of the teacher.

  2. Oh dear! It kind of reminds me of the boy at the college I taught in who wrote the lyrics of Mustafa Mustafa for his Commerce exam! The lecturer actually laughed out loud at first. Sadly, the lecturer then succumbed to peer pressure and punished the lad! 🙂

  3. Poor girl indeed! She got a teacher like me! I keep telling my nieces and nephews to write proper grammatical English even in their SMS'es they send to me 🙂 Very well done, Shailja, I was so unprepared for the last bit 🙂 You kept the suspense hidden nicely.

  4. I had to Google what SMS lingo was. (For those who don't know, it stands for “Short Message Service” and refers to internet slang and texting shorthand). That would have appalled me as a teacher too! I'm sure she learned her lesson. Nice twist at the end. ☺

  5. You built up the suspense in the first 3 lines, then took it in a totally different direction in the last 2 lines! Superb!!
    I'm totally with the English teacher. People who use SMS lingo in other forms of communication because they think it's cute and cool. I think it's neither cute nor cool.

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