As a part of my new series on YouTube, ‘Pinterest for Beginners’, I will be publishing a video each week. Each week, we will cover a simple and easy tip that you can use in your Pinterest journey. Today’s tip is how you can upload a pin directly to Pinterest.

Watch the full video (it’s less than 5 minutes long) 🙂

Want just the steps? Check out the image below for that:

Here are some of the advantages of uploading a pin directly to the Pinterest platform:

  1. You don’t have to add multiple pins to your blog posts. This will ensure that your site loading time is not heavily impacted.
  2. You can use a different title as well as a different Pinterest description when you upload an image directly to the Pinterest platform.
  3. Although I use Tailwind, you can also schedule a pin via Pinterest. Note that option in the frame where I show you how to upload a pin (just below the tab labelled ‘Choose a board’. You can schedule up to 30 pins at a time and up to 2 weeks in advance.

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