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 By and large, I am a paper and pen girl. There’s always a diary or a notepad or a planner that lies next to me on the desk or on the couch where I work from.

But, if there is ONE digital tool that I recommend for you, it would be Google Keep. Today, I will talk about how I use Google Keep to stay organised, keep track of my content ideas as well as my personal checklists. All of this for free!

Checklists make me happy. Ask anyone who knows me. 😉 And I get that not everyone likes making lists. But we all love to stay organised, be productive and get more done, am I right?

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Why I love Google Keep

There are two main reasons.

  1. I have ALL the ideas in my head, written down in one place.
  2. I can access it from my phone or my laptop at the touch of a button. 

 On any given day, how many things would you have to track and organise? Let’s see:

  • Blog Post Topics
  • Social Media ideas
  • Tips and Tricks for Social Media channels
  • Daily to-do list (Work)
  • Daily to-do list (Personal)
  • Monthly to-do lists
  • Charting outlines for a blog post

In addition to these, I personally add a few more things.

  • Content to send to my Newsletter Subscribers
  • Affiliate Links with various partners
  • Online classes schedule
  • Pins that I need to design for old blog posts
  • Hashtags for Pinterest
  • Hashtags for Instagram

Now that can seem like a lot that needs to be covered in a single day or week. But the beauty is this. It’s all in one place! You’re not scrambling through multiple apps, diaries and checklists to get what you need.

Second, I can find what I need even if  I am on my phone and away from my laptop.

Now, before you faint from overwhelm, let me share the sane way that I use Google Keep to stay organised.

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1. Add different kinds of notes

We usually have so many types of things to track. Make it easier with Google Keep.

Use it to create a simple checklist with boxes that you can tick off. 

Add images to a note, for ready reference.

Add links that you may want to refer to at a later date.

2. Add the pin icon to the top of notes

Every note has a ‘pin’ icon present at the top right. Use this to pin critical or time-sensitive notes to the top of your Google Keep application.

That way, these are the first things you see when you open the app. See the image below for ready reference.

3. Add checkboxes to existing notes

Want to turn a note into a checklist instead? So simple! 

All you have to do is click on the ‘add checkboxes’ option and hey! You’ve got checkboxes. Tick off those tasks like a pro! 🙂

4. Add Labels to your Notes

This is the best thing ever! Add easy labels such as ‘Bank’, ‘Home’, ‘Blog’ , ‘Social Media’ to track each of the relevant notes under separate labels and headings.

All the labels show up in the left hand column of your Google Keep home page.

5. Add colour codes to your Notes

Want a super simple and visual way to ogranize your notes?

Use the colour option to set background colours of your choice for each note!


Use Reminders

By default I have all notifications turned off on my phone. That means I don’t get any social media alerts, e-mail alerts or anything other than phone calls and text messages.

The ONE exception to that rule is Google Keep reminders. If you see any of the screenshots above you will see a small bell icon in the bottom left of each note.

Click on those to set up reminders on your phone for super-critical or time-sensitive notes.

Use the Google Keep Chrome Extension

I stumbled upon this recently and fell in love with it!

Add the chrome extension to your browser and bookmark important articles or websites for instant access right inside your Google Keep!

So, do you use Google Keep to stay organised? If not, which app do you prefer and why? Let me know in the comments. 🙂

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