Today I wanted to talk about the plate method for a balanced, nutritious plant-based meal. It’s the best way to ensure you’re getting all the good nutrients without having to resort to calorie counting or weighing your meals

I first came across the plate method when I went vegan and turned to Pick Up Limes for her nutrition tips.

Check out her post for a detailed break-up of how to use the Plate Method in your own meal planning.

Using this as a model, I create my own daily lunch plates, as you can see below:

As you can see, a plate has to have half of it filled with vegetables and fruits – cooked and/or raw. In Indian meal plates, this can be a curry/sabzi + a filling salad.

A quarter of the plate is protein. For us, that would be lentils/dals/sambar.

The next quarter is whole grains such as brown rice, hand pounded rice, red rice, quinoa and millets.

Your add-ons would be:

Fats such as cooking oils – I use filtered coconut oil/groundnut oil /sesame oil. You can also use vegan butters or vegan ghee.

Dairy substitutes: Vegan curd or buttermilk

Supplements: B12 and Vitamin D (which I take in pill form and with sun exposure)