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At 23 months of age, Gy can say almost 30 words.I don’t know where that stands in the milestone stage, but I don’t really worry about it.

Right now, just enjoying the way she says a word or the eagerness with which she grasps a new one is enough for me.

A list of words she says:

  1. Amma
  2. Appa
  3. Thatha
  4. Paati
  5. Ammamma
  6. Appu
  7. Chitthi
  8. Thathi
  9. Dabba
  10. Onnu
  11. Mammam
  12. Thinni–for thanni (water)
  13. Paalu— for paal (milk)
  14. Jilla– for anything cold/cool
  15. Bow bow…for dog:)
  16. Tom…for the cat in the famous cartoon
  17. Polaan…. for “let’s go”
  18. Dabala…for drums
  19. Poon…for spoon
  20. Ukkle…for uncle
  21. Aathi…for Aunty/or Atthai
  22. Aachu…for “all gone”
  23. Come
  24. Go
  25. No
  26. Abba…for the sound “rabba” in the song “JhoomBarabar Jhoom”!
  27. Baa baa boo boo…for the first line of the nursery rhyme.

Hope to add more words to the list soon. And soon hope to hear too many words to worry about filling in the list!

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