Why Oil is good for baby

Why Oil is good for baby

Very early on, we discovered that oil when massaged on the baby is healthy and nourishing. Part of a very ancient Indian tradition, oil massage is beneficial in building bones,strengthening the muscles and relaxing the child into peaceful slumber.

Just prior to bath time, an oil massage is wonderful. A good, 20 minute massage can prepare the baby for the warm bath that follows.Any vegetable oil (gingelly,almond, olive,coconut and other ayurvedic oils) are ideal for this process.

For correct massage techniques consult a professional masseur/masseuse. Once learnt, the mother or father can do the massage on their own. The greatest benefit is the bonding that it promotes between parent and child.

Mustard oil is another very good oil and is especially good to use in winter. It warms the body.

Neem oil can be used as an insect/mosquito repellent. Safe on babies younger than a year old.

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